Indiana Virtual Professionals

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Consulting Services

Database Consulting

Oracle Database Design and Development for complex customized systems. 

Skillsets:  SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, Development DBA, Interfaces with XML, PL/JSON

Customer Support

Taking complex business needs and finding a way to meet them is our specialty.  Business and systems should evolve together. Customers know we can help with tough issues and will be there for technical support when they need it.


Analysis of user needs, design and development of reporting systems.

Reporting Experience:  Customer Dashboards, Financial Margin reporting, Trending reports, Cost Savings reports, Graphing, Data Warehousing

Web Applications

Web application analysis and design for custom applications using Oracle databases, WebLogic, Java, JSP, MobileFrame.

Design Experience: Custom ERP  for Broker Services, Financials, Multi-country billing and taxes, Supplier Insurance and Subcontracting, Order Management, Environmental Data Tracking, Customer Dashboards, Barcode Scanning, Inventory